Introduction to Gibson Test

Dr. Amy:
The Gibson Test of Cognitive Skills is a screening tool designed to provide reliable information to educators, clinicians, and families about students’ or clients’ learning skills. The Gibson Test is one of the most comprehensive, multilingual learning skills assessment tools in the world. Measuring 7 core skills that are the foundation for thinking and learning, these skills are based on Gibson’s Learning Model which is grounded in the Cattell-Horn-Carroll Theory of cognitive abilities, the most widely accepted model of cognition among educators, researchers, and professionals.
The Gibson test measures core skills needed for everyday learning and processing including long term memory, which is the ability to store and retrieve information. Working memory, the ability to store information while performing a different mental activity. Visual processing, the ability to analyze, store, and recall visual information. Auditory processing, an important skill for language learning, reading, and spelling. Processing speed, the ability to perform cognitive tasks quickly, and logic and reasoning, the ability to form concepts and solve problems. The Gibson test also provides a learning skills survey and assesses a skill called English word attack, the foundational reading skill of identifying sound codes used in the English language. Available in over 15 languages, the Gibson test can be completed in less than an hour on a computer or tablet, and the results are processed immediately.
Clients can also choose to be assessed by a learning professional, a process that a includes a one-on-one meeting to review the results. In all cases, clients receive a comprehensive report that details the individual’s learning strengths and weaknesses. The report gives ages equivalency scores for clients 5 – 16 and, for all ages, the report includes percentile rank, standard scores, and a full explanation for each skill tested.
Dr. Gibson:
Whether you are a parent interested in understanding your child’s learning skills, an adult curious about your own skills, or an educator or clinician seeking help for a student of client, the Gibson Test of Cognitive Skills will give you invaluable information about brain skill performance and guide you to the next best step.